About Us

While helping out on his family’s farm, Paul Schaben accidentally hurt his hip. He found that the warm water of a hotel spa would ease the resulting arthritis. Relaxation, a number of health benefits and massaging jets were just a few of the extra perks of his long soaks in the spa.

During these relaxing times he would long for a hot tub that was easy to build and could be built and delivered in a day’s time. Spas were put together piece by piece in those days, making them hard for most people to afford.

He looked for a spa to fit both his budget and his lifestyle, just as you are doing now. Paul’s years of searching was rewarded when he found just the right spa in 1983. His research led him to Hot Spring Portable Spas.

Feeling inspired he became a dealer for the company so he could share his newfound knowledge with others. Paul was thrilled to hear the life changing stories of others who were touched by a Hot Spring Spa.

We owe it to our more than 22,000 customers for allowing us to be the Midwest’s Premier, Full Service Company. Our store is proudly named after the brand we carry, Hot Spring Spa.

Our excellent service programs and Certified Pre-Owned Spas are offered thanks to our delivery and service teams that we employ. This family owned business’ daily operations continues to be looked after by Paul.